Why Facebook ads best for generating leads in 2017?


Written On : 23/Aug/2017

Category: Digital Marketing

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Written By: Khushboo Sharma@Khushi_SJ


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Why Facebook ads is important to get success in Small Businesses?

In 2017 more leads can be drived from facebook ads then any other platforms because of the fact that today total daily active users on facebook is more than 1.18 bn which is much more than any other similar paid channel.
And with the purchase of instagram where there are 600mn users with 50% of business related users, the impact can be easily scene.

With the increase in success even in B2B lead generation via Facebook. Facebook is emerging as an unparallel option.

Let go through below 5 facts why is Facebook ads best?

1.Total of 90% B2B buyers are now research on mobile.Which suggested that a big chunk have moved on mobile from desktops. This aspect is used by facebook on whole other level, facebook have comeup with slick ads which are lead ad that promotes products/services and allow users to sign up with few clicks.

Best feature of these slick ads are their is no need to fill a forms by users or even cut out the landing page step and straight fowardly deliver you the leads. This is increase the converstion rate exponetially.

2.The algorithm of Facebook is very efficient in selecting, targeting the exact customers in terms of demography, interests,location,buying behavior etc for your business making sure that you spend for acquiring right audience.

3. Different approach for different products and their details.There are product which needs more of informational advertising to attract audience,this can easily be done by Canvas ads feature of facebook.Thus if thinking about a video ad Canvas is for you.

4.If your product shines more for its creative ads,then Instagram ads are best suited for you.

5.Facebook Artificial intelligence is very powerful and sophisticated, helping you to target exact audience without putting in lot of efforts.

Hereby we suggest you to start your Facebook ad campaign today and generate more leads for your business.

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